I am running for the Republican nomination for the Kansas House of Representatives from the 30th District because as a lifelong Kansan and 23 year resident of the 30th District, I am very concerned about the future of our State, especially K–12 education for our children and grandchildren. I am very concerned that the cost of college instate tuition is keeping many of them from obtaining their goal of a college degree or burdens them with excessive debt when they graduate. This problem is getting measurably worse not better. We must make college affordable for them. My generation benefited from affordable college and universities thanks to reasonable state of Kansas funding of Higher education. I want to see the next generation of Kansans have access to those same benefits. I believe we owe that to them and to the future of our state as we are producing the leaders of tomorrow today.

The current state budget has become unbalanced because of over reliance on sales tax revenue and on an income tax code that allows 13% of Kansas to pay No state income tax. The other 87% of us pay for public schools and public safety, but the wealthy 13% pay NOTHING. That is not right and not fair and should not be a Republican position. BUT it is the position of the current State Representative Lance Kinzer who encouraged, supported and voted for the 2012 Income Tax revision that gave a total exemption from Kansas Income Tax to the wealthy and to himself as he pays NO Kansas Income Tax on income from his work as a private attorney in an LLC. This change shifted the fiscal burden and resulted in an income tax increase for many of the other 87% of hard working Kansans. The net result has been greatly reduced revenues to support all services including both public education and higher education in Kansas. It will remain so if Representative Kinzer’s chosen successor Mr. Powell is elected to replace him because Representative Kinzer has said that he knows Mr. Powell will vote exactly like he has!!!!

So how has Representative Kinzer voted? During the 2013 legislative session Rep. Kinzer voted for a permanent sales tax increase that fell hardest on those same 87% of Kansans. This past 2014 legislative session he followed up with strong support for HB2453 which would have legalized public discrimination and convinced many of his house colleagues to vote for that discrimination bill. That bill and its potential effects on businesses in Kansas were so devastating that even his own very conservative State Senator said she opposed HB2453 and helped kill it it the Senate.

Because I strongly believe that this is not the reasonable representation Lenexa and Olathe want or deserve I am running to be a reasonable voice for the 30th District.

I will listen to you and not just to the voices of special interests or party leadership.

For these reasons, I request your vote on August 5th and November 4th.

– Ron Worley